Navies' transformation to mitigate A2AD threat

Future Amphibious Force

How Navies are transforming to mitigate the A2AD threat.

Further delays for Spanish Navy's S-80 submarines

The Spanish Navy’s new air-independent propulsion (AIP) S-80 submarines are facing another delay, according ...

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Spanish MoD denies reports of new subs now being too long

Spanish news site El Pais on Tuesday ran a report which said the Spanish Navy’s elongated new S-80 submarines ...

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Delayed Spanish submarines will be over budget, MOD confirms

The Spanish Navy’s four new S-80 submarines will cost EUR1.5 billion (approx. 1.85 b) more than it was ...

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Spain approves critical design review of S-80 submarine

The Spanish Ministry of Defense has approved Navantia’s Critical Design Review (CDR) for the country’s ...

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