Anti-Submarine Warfare – Market Report 2019

ASW has once again risen high on the agendas of NATO’s maritime forces.

Seaspan brings in Lockheed Martin for JSS construction

Canadian shipbuilder Seaspan Shipyards has awarded Lockheed Martin Canada a CAD118 million contract to provide the ...

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Seaspan to begin Canadian Joint Support Ship construction

Canadian shipbuilder Seaspan Shipyards has been awarded a CAD$66 million contract to start construction of Joint ...

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Raytheon gets CAD$704m for Canadian Navy CIWS support

The Canadian government has awarded Raytheon Canada a CAD$704 million contract for the upkeep and upgrades of ...

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Canada renames joint support ships to Protecteur-class

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) announced it is renaming its future auxiliary, oiler and replenishment (AOR) vessels ...

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