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Royal Navy, Marines train with French counterparts

Royal Navy sailors and marines exercised with their counterparts from other countries during a five-month annual ...

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French ships train with Australian, Spanish Navy

After concluding amphibious drills with U.S. Marines off Guam recently, French Navy ships FS Mistral and FS Courbet ...

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Jeanne D’Arc: French landing craft runs aground off Guam

The French Navy-led amphibious drill taking place off Guam was postponed after a French Navy landing craft ran ...

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US Marines join French Navy's Jeanne D’Arc for drills

U.S. Marine Corps have teamed up with other multinational forces to take part in the French Navy’s Jeanne ...

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Two Royal Navy Merlins join French Navy's Jeanne d’Arc gig

Two Royal Navy Merlins have embarked French amphibious assault ship FS Mistral, the lead ship of French Navy task ...

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