Navies' transformation to mitigate A2AD threat

Future Amphibious Force

How Navies are transforming to mitigate the A2AD threat.

US warship launches Tomahawk missiles at Yemen

Guided missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG 94) has launched Tomahawk missiles against Yemen’s Houthi fighters in ...

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Yemeni fighters fire missiles at US Navy destroyer

A U.S. Navy destroyer has been targeted by missiles fired from Yemen on Sunday, according to reports. Two missiles ...

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US sends warships to Yemen's coast after missile incident

The U.S. Navy has sent three warships off the coast of Yemen after a UAE Navy-operated vessel was hit by missiles ...

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Video: Houthi fighters hit UAE Navy vessel with missile fire

Yemen’s Houthi fighters claim they have hit and sunk UAE Navy vessel HSV Swift by a modified C802 cruise ...

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