Anti-Submarine Warfare – Market Report 2019

ASW has once again risen high on the agendas of NATO’s maritime forces.

Ukrainian Navy, Military Hostages in Crimea Freed

“Due to measures taken by authorities, hostages in Crimea are free; we’ll protect all the officers and ...

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NATO Shipping Centre: Weekly Piracy Update

Hostages from MV Iceberg 1 Released from Pirate Captivity

All 22 hostages from the MV Iceberg 1 have now been released from pirate captivity. They had been held since the ...

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Danish Warship Frees 16 Iranian Hostages

  A Danish warship has attacked a pirate boat in Somalian waters, killing four pirates and freeing 16 Iranian ...

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Danish Navy Rescues Pakistani Hostages

There is great news for the families of 16 Pakistanis and two Iranians, as their loved ones have been freed from ...

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