Shaping UK’s amphibious capability

Shaping the UK's future amphibious capability 680x350

Insights from Colonel Totten, Programme Director, Future Amphibious Force, Royal Marines.

HMS Clyde Tours South Georgia

Royal Navy’s HMS Clyde recently paid a visit to the isolated island paradise of South Georgia where the ...

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HMS Clyde Prepares for Challenges in the Falklands

The Royal Navy’s ultimate trainers and assessors spent six days aboard HMS Clyde preparing the patrol ship’s latest ...

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HMS Clyde Explores South Georgia

Falklands guardian HMS Clyde braved spring storms to pay her first visit of the Austral summer to the wildlife ...

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HMS Clyde Fit for Aviation Operations

September and early October have been a busy five weeks for the smallest ship in the Royal Navy with a flight deck. ...

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HMS Clyde Finishes Crew Handover

HMS Clyde has now completed the routine 6 monthly crew handover, and to ensure the new team have found their feet, ...

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HMS Clyde Joins Falkland Islands Liberation Anniversary

Sailors from HMS Clyde joined other protectors of the Falkland Islands as the remote British territory marked the ...

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