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Retired Australian frigate leaves Sydney for scrapping

Ex-HMAS Sydney, a former Royal Australian Navy Adelaide-class frigate, left Sydney Harbour today to be towed to ...

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HMAS Tobruk and Sydney make space for new ships

Fleet Base East

The Royal Australian Navy is relocating two of its decommissioned ships so that new ships, primarily the 27,500 ...

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Video: Goodbye HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney was officially decommissioned at a ceremony at her homeport of Garden Island, Sydney, on Saturday, ...

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HMAS Sydney’s Years in Service

As the Australian Navy is preparing for the decommissioning ceremony of HMAS Sydney, to be held on Saturday, ...

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Australian Navy Prepares to Retire HMAS Sydney

Royal Australian Navy is getting ready to decommission HMAS Sydney this week after her 32 years of service. The ...

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HMAS Sydney Makes Final Journey

HMAS Sydney (IV) entered Sydney Heads for the final time as a Royal Australian Navy ship this morning, before being ...

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Overview of HMAS Sydney’s 2014 Ops

The year commenced as the one in which HMAS Sydney was set to decommission, but rather than slowly decline with ...

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Warfare Students Perfect Skills aboard Australian Navy Ships

HMA Ships Sydney, Parramatta and Stuart sailed from Fleet Base East on 24 November with the next generation of ...

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HMAS Sydney Returns to Its Homeport

Australian Navy’s HMAS Sydney has returned to its homeport in Garden Island, Sydney, after five and a half ...

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HMAS Sydney, PNS Nasr Conduct RAS

An overnight battle at sea with the fictional ‘Redland’ fleet during Exercise KAKADU 2014 saw victory by the ...

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HMAS Sydney Kicks Off KAKADU 2014 Sea Phase

At 0900 hours on Sunday 31 August, HMAS Sydney took the lead of ‘Blue Force’ Task Group 628.1, ...

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KAKADU 2014: HMAS Sydney, JS Hatakaze Conduct PASSEX

In preparation for Exercise KAKADU 2014 , HMAS Sydney and Japanese Navy Ship JS Hatakaze conducted a Passage ...

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