Shaping UK’s amphibious capability

Shaping the UK's future amphibious capability 680x350

Insights from Colonel Totten, Programme Director, Future Amphibious Force, Royal Marines.

German officer cadets will train on Romanian tall ship

The German Navy has reached an agreement with the Romanian Navy to lease the sail training ship ...

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Germany might lease Romanian vessel as Gorch Fock stand in

Germany is considering leasing a Romanian Navy sail training ship to train its officer cadets as ‘Gorch ...

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German Navy tall ship will not be scrapped after all

German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen announced on Thursday that the navy’s iconic sail training ship ...

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Gorch Fock to stay in port longer than expected

The German Navy sail training ship Gorch Fock will have to spend more time in port than planned as previously ...

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VIDEO: German 'Gorch Fock' celebrates 60 years of service

gorch fock

The German sail training ship Gorch Fock marked six decades of service in the navy on December 17, 2015. Marking ...

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Gorch Fock Visits Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Gorch Fock

German sailing ship SSS Gorch Fock will sail into Wilhelmshaven on Wednesday, November 25. The ship left its ...

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German Navy Vessels Meet at Sea

The German Navy’s oldest commissioned ship, GORCH FOCK (A 60), took a moment to bid farewell to Standing NATO ...

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