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Spanish helicopter on German warship

The German Navy corvette FGS Erfurt rendezvoused with the Spanish Navy helicopter Toro 07 in The Gulf of Aden to ...

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ESPS Victoria scans the coast of Somalia

The Spanish Navy frigate ESPS Victoria, currently deployed in operation Atalanta, visited a total of 30 craft off ...

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ESPS Victoria Assists Somalian Fishing Boat

Spanish Navy frigate ESPS Victoria, integrated into the counter-piracy operation Atalanta in the Indian Ocean, ...

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ESPS Victoria, Seychelles Air Force Practice Skills

Spanish warship ESPS Victoria, part of Operation Atalanta, carried out counter-piracy training with the Seychelles ...

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ESPS Victoria Welcomes Somali Leaders Aboard

Local Somali leaders were hosted on board Spanish warship, ESPS Victoria on Saturday, October 31 2015. The crew of ...

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ESPS Victoria Gets Equipment from the Air

Spanish ESPS Victoria received a stores air-drop from the Spanish Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft ...

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ESPS Victoria, ARC 7 de Agosto Train off Somalia

Spanish Navy’s frigate ESPS Victoria and Colombian ARC 7 de Agosto recently rendezvoused off Somalia for ...

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ESPS Victoria Joins Operation Atalanta

Spanish warship, ESPS Victoria, has joined Operation Atalanta, the European Union’s counter-piracy operation off ...

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