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US Navy reduces support for ARA San Juan search

The US Navy announced it would reduce the number of assets deployed in search for the Argentine submarine A.R.A. ...

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Argentine Navy head fired after submarine disappearance

Argentina has fired the head of the country’s navy in what is the first known disciplinary action related to ...

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Russian, US deep ocean ROVs join search for ARA San Juan

US and Russian Navy specialized deep-ocean unmanned vehicles are joining efforts to locate the missing Argentine ...

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Missing ARA San Juan suffered battery short circuit

The missing Argentinian submarine had reportedly sent a notice of a battery short circuit before it went silent. ...

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Argentine Navy confirms explosion near missing submarine

The Argentine Navy confirmed that an explosion occurred near the position from which the missing submarine ARA San ...

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ARA San Juan: "Hydroacoustic anomaly" detected

A new trace in the form of a “hydroacoustic anomaly” could help locate the Argentine submarine ARA San ...

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Detected heat signals a ray of hope for Argentine submarine

A US Navy P-8A Poseidon involved in the search for the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan has reportedly detected a ...

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Argentine Navy submarine ARA San Juan goes missing

The Argentine Navy has launched a search mission for diesel-electric submarine ARA San Juan after losing contact ...

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VIDEO: Argentine Navy sinks Chinese fishing boat

The Argentine Navy informed that it sunk a Chinese vessel fishing illegally in Argentine waters on March 14 and ...

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