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Australia: Govt Attacked Over Naval Shortfall

  A CALL for the Chief of Navy to be sacked over the sad state of Australia’s amphibious ships shows how the ...

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Japan Protests Over Chinese Helicopter`s Fly-by

  Japan protested Tuesday after a Chinese helicopter the previous day staged a close fly-by of one of its ...

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Singapore Navy Appoints New Chief

The Singapore Navy will have a new chief next month… (chanelnewasia) Source: chanelnewasia, February 22, 2011;

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DAP Against Government’s Decision to Spend RM6 billion ...

The government’s decision to spend RM6 billion for six navy patrol boats continues to draw fire from DAP ...

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Indian Navy and Coast Guard Neutralize Pirate Mother Vessel

In a well coordinated and jointly conducted operation, the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard intercepted ...

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South Korean Police to Charge Five Captured Somalis

  South Korean police said on Monday they have enough evidence to charge five captured Somalis with attempted ...

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