Video: Russian SU-27 buzzes Ukrainian artillery boats

Ukrainian Navy photo from the Cossack Volition exercise

The Ukranian Navy has shared video footage of a Russian Su-27 fighter aircraft buzzing Ukrainian Gurza-M artillery boats during recent exercises.

Apart from sharing the video on social media, the Ukrainian Navy did not provide specific info on when or where exactly the flyover took place.

The navy only said the incident occurred during the Cossack Volition – 2018 exercise which lasted from September 25 to 29 and took place in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.


The four-day Cossack Volition exercise was a fleet interoperability drill aimed at allowing Ukrainian Navy crews to develop skills in cooperating with different types of vessels.

This is not the first time Russian fighter aircraft are coming near Ukrainian Navy vessels. According to the Ukrainian defense ministry, another Su-27 aircraft was one of several Russian military assets harassing two Ukrainian Navy ships as they transited the Kerch Strait to enter the Sea of Azov.

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