Van Dam to deliver blast proof doors for Dutch LCF frigates

Royal Netherlands Navy LCF frigate HNLMS De Ruyter

Dutch company Van Dam BV announced it has been awarded a contract to deliver blast and fire rated doors for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s LCF frigates which are currently being upgraded.

Under the contract, Van Dam will engineer, manufacture, supply and supervise the installation of Nadam Design 4 doors for all the LCF frigates.

The four LCF frigates need to be in operation until at least 2027 and are now set to undergo a refurbishment and upgrade program. Part of the upgrading program is the replacement of existing blast doors for the lightweight explosion proof, fire rated watertight Nadam 4 Navy doors.

As described by Van Dam, the Nadam Design 4 is a lightweight explosion proof, fire rated watertight navy door. The door is resistant up to 1000 kPa explosion pressure thanks to a “membrane” in the door frame which absorbs the kinetic energy of the blast. In addition to being blast rated, the door has also been tested and certified for fire rating (A60 – 60 minutes over 900° Celsius, and meeting these Solas/IMO requirements up to almost 2 hours with a temperature rise far above 1000 ° Celsius), shock tested, gas tight and watertight.

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