Australian Surveying Ships Secure Shipping Routes in Papua New Guinea

The Australian Survey Motor Launches, HMA Ships Benalla and Shepparton, arrived in Papua New Guinea on December 3 to conduct survey operations in the vicinity of Long Reef, in order to provide alternate routes for shipping through the area.

Hydrographic Survey Ship, HMAS Leeuwin (HS Red Crew), had been working in the area for the previous five weeks: surveying, building relationships with the local villages and establishing the tidal infrastructure required to allow Benalla and Shepparton to commence survey operations.

Upon meeting up, the ships exercised Replenishment at Sea (RAS) approaches and a formation anchorage off Wari Island.

Once the ships were at anchor, personnel from Benalla and Shepparton reported onboard Leeuwin for a Commanding Officers’ luncheon, survey handover and regional brief. The handover was formalised when the three Commanding Officers went ashore on Wari Island to meet with Councillor Lassono Philip and inform the local ward of the handover from Leeuwin to Benalla and Shepparton.

The visit also provided the opportunity to provide some supplies to the drought affected island and strengthen the relationship between our two island nations.

This is Benalla and Shepparton’s second visit to Papua New Guinea this year, after conducting survey operations in Oro Bay during March and April.

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