HMS Dragon Visits Simon’s Town, South Africa

Royal Navy’s destroyer HMS Dragon arrived in Simon’s Town, South Africa, on Friday, February 6, 2015.

The vessel was accompanied by HMS Gold Rover.

HMS Dragon announced her arrival with a traditional naval 21-gun-salute which was returned by Lower North Battery in Simon’s Town. The ships are currently deployed on operation Atlantic Patrol Tasking (South) and will conduct necessary maintenance in Simon’s Town. The ships will remain in Simon’s Town until February 27, 2015, followed by a visit to Cape Town in March 2015.

The Royal Navy ships and units on Atlantic Patrol Tasking (South) are there to provide on-going protection reassurance to British interests in the South Atlantic, maintaining the continuous Royal Naval presence in the Atlantic.

Image: SA Navy

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One thought on “HMS Dragon Visits Simon’s Town, South Africa”

  1. Nice to see that Dragon is showing the port side of her bow in the photo (given the choice, she’ll always moor port-side to the harbour as the big red reptile is only on that side of her bows and it always looks nice in any photos that visitors take from the harbour).
    One other minor thing – the prefix HMS is only really supposed to be for navy-manned commissioned ships (like HMS Dragon), Gold Rover (a resupply ship akin to SAS Drakensberg) is manned by civilian reservists and is run by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, so strictly speaking its prefix should be RFA rather than HMS.

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